How to operate your system         Home(2468 is a Sample User Code)


ARMING AWAY - Your Code + AWAY (2468+2) - Use this when you're leaving your home or business, and no one else is there. The entire security system is activated.
After you turn on your system, you will have 60 to 90 seconds to exit the premises. When you come back in, you have 30 to 60 seconds to turn off the system before the alarm sounds.

DISARMING - Your Code + OFF (2468+1) - Turns off the burglary protection. Fire, Medical and Police alarms are always on. To reset the system after an alarm enter your Disarm code TWICE !

- Your Code + STAY (2468+3) - Use this when you want to turn on the system and stay inside. This keeps all interior sensors out of the system while the perimeter sensors are on.
Your Code + STAY + STAY (2468+3+3) will arm the system in the night mode, keeping certain interior sensors on with the perimeter.

ARMING INSTANT - Your Code + Instant (2468+7) - Use this when everyone is in for the night. Instant is the same as Stay, but there is no entry delay on perimeter sensors.

BYPASS - Your Code + 6 + Zone#   (2468+6+02 bypasses zone 2
) - This temporarily removes a protection point from the system, like a bedroom window on a hot night or a zone that won't setup for arming. After entering the bypass sequence the display will show a bypass has occured, the ready light ( green ) should be on. Now enter your code and the arm mode that you need. When you disarm the system the previous zone bypass will be removed.

Here's A Shortcut! - Using Quickarm, you can arm the system without entering your code. Just enter the pound (#) key and the arming function of your choice (Away, Stay, Instant).

PANIC: The keys on the left of your keypad let you call for help in case of a police, fire or medical emergency. The key must be held down for 3 seconds for an emergency signal to be sent.

CHIME - Your Code + Chime    (2468+9) - The system notifies you with 3 beeps when a protected door or window is opened. To turn Chime off, enter Your Code + Chime (2468+9).

TEST - Your Code + Test    (2468+5) - The system notifies the central station you are testing communications. The siren will give a short burst. You can then check each system sensor into the keypad for confirmation beeps. Some systems use an additional step to enter the test mode; Check your provider to be sure. 
Your Code + Off     (2468+1) exits the test back to the normal run mode.